Alaska Mountain Goat Hunts

Guided Hunts in the Kodiak Island National Wildlife Refuge

Offered by Registered “Alaskan Mountain Goat Hunting Guide” Joey Klutsch

Our Mountain Goat hunts take place on Kodiak Island. We hunt in our sole guide area located within Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge lands where we are the only ones permitted to guide hunters. This is a premier goat area. It is very rugged and holds large numbers of old age class billies. This is a very physical hunt and hunters should be prepared to carry heavy packs with all of their gear up rugged mountains. The more physical preparation you do for this hunt the better your chances for success. Harvesting a trophy Mountain Goat is one of the greatest accomplishments a hunter can hope to achieve. It is certainly one of the most underrated hunts out there.

The hunt begins when you arrive at our main camp. We will go through your gear and make sure you have everything you need for a 7-day hunt in the mountains, though it should be noted that once we reach spike camp most of our hunters will have a goat within 2 days. Most of our goat hunts are conducted with one hunter and two guides, so we can help carry your food and tent, but you must be able to carry most of your own clothing/gear. From the main camp, which is located only 200 yards from the beach, we hike into the mountains, usually 2 miles, and get into goat country. Our camps consist of small backpack style 2 man tents, and we eat primarily freeze dry food which is easily packable. Once our camp is set we begin looking for large billies, which are generally found in small isolated groups of 2-4 in the more rugged parts of the mountains.

Usually, it is not difficult to find goats, and we can expect to see large numbers of them on any given day, which enables us to selectively hunt the largest old age class, males. Once we find a goat that we like, we wait for him to move to a location that we can get to safely and efficiently. We then position ourselves on the mountain where we can put an effective stalk on the goat, and where once we harvest him, he will not fall off a cliff and be irretrievable. Goats are creatures of habit so often times we are able to watch them for several days and pattern them before making a stalk. Goats, especially large billies, are generally near the most rugged escape terrain, but a patient hunter can watch them and wait for them to move to areas that are easier to access. The hunter who is able to and willing to accept the challenges of mountain hunting will no doubt have a hunt that they will never forget, and which only those who have experienced mountain hunting can truly relate to.

Mountain Goat Hunts – Dates and Pricing

  • Dates:
    • October 9 – 15, October 17 – 23, October 25  – 31, November 2 – 8  (7 day hunt period)
  • Price: Contact Joey for Current Pricing & Available Dates
  • Round Trip Air Charter:
    • Round trip air charter fee, from Kodiak to camp and back: $1,700 (payable to air charter company on arrival into Kodiak, subject to change)
  • Goat Locking Tag:
    • $600 (Non-Resident)
    • $800 (Non-Resident Alien)
  • Deer Locking Tag:
    • $300 (Non-Resident)
    • $400 (Non-Resident Alien)
  • Hunting License:
    • $160 (Non-Resident)
    • $630 (Non-Resident Alien)
  • Other Cost: