Sitka Blacktail Deer
Kodiak Island

Offered by Joe Klutsch

We hunt Sitka Blacktail deer in the same area we hunt goats and bears on Kodiak. Quite often our brown bear or mountain goat hunters will choose to take a Sitka deer that they see during their hunt or will spend an extra day or two after they harvest their animal looking for a nice buck to go after. Compared to goat or brown bear, deer are much more relaxing to hunt and far easier. A nice buck can usually be found on any given day and a hunter can expect to get a nice buck in a few days if he is willing to hike around and cover the low alpine terrain that the big bucks favor.

Most of our deer hunts start out each day from the main camp. We will either hike directly behind the main camp or take one of the Boston Whaler skiffs to a bay, put to shore and begin hiking, watching for deer as we go. Generally, we will run into deer as we walk. The larger bucks are up at higher elevations, in the alpine where feed is best, and that is where we get most of the trophy animals. As the rut nears toward late October and early November, bucks will be actively seeking females and can oftentimes be seen at lower elevations.

This hunt is a great way to experience Kodiak for the first time. Hunters should be prepared to hike to find a good representative buck.

  • Hunt Dates: October 9 – 13, October 15 – 19, November 2 – 6 (5 day hunt period)
  • Hunt Price: $7,500 for a 1×1 hunt, $10,000 for a 2 x 1 hunt (2 hunters and 1 guide)
  • Sitka Blacktail Deer may be added as a trophy fee to Goat or Bear:
    • Contact me for trophy fee prices
  • Hunting License:
    • Non-Resident – $160/Non-Resident Alien – $630
  • Deer Locking Tags:
    • Non-Resident – $300/Non-Resident Alien – $400
  • Round Trip Air Charter:
    • Approximately $850
  • Hunters Preservation Fund Contribution:
    • $150