Alaska Peninsula National Wildlife Refuge

Offered by Joe Klutsch and Joey Klutsch

The Alaska-Yukon Moose (Alces-alces gigas) is the largest antlered game in the world. Large trophy class bulls can have antlers from the 58 – 65 inch range and some can reach the mid to high 70s. An adult bull can weigh as much as 1600 lbs and gives up to 800 pounds of delicious meat! Most of the moose we take care of in the 65-inch range. A moose rack like this is a sight to behold and is in my opinion the most beautiful trophy a hunter can hope for. The area on the Alaska Peninsula where I am permitted to guide is home to some of the very best moose habitat and populations on the entire Alaska Peninsula with animals that consistently attain excellent trophy quality.

Moose hunts take place every fall during the September 10 – 25 period. Hunting is spot and stalk, with an emphasis on calling. Glassing is done from a high point overlooking good habitat –areas with plenty of willows, swamps, and cottonwood patches. A great deal of time is spent calling. Done properly and with the right conditions, myself or one of my guides can effectively “blind call” moose from 2 miles or more, oftentimes bringing him all the way to the glassing hill. We often call moose that we do not even know are there. Like all hunting, finding a large bull requires patience. Nothing can compare to watching a large old bull come into a call!

  • Season: September 15 – 25 (11 day period)
  • Price: $28,000
  • Not included: Round trip air charter fee, from King Salmon to camp and back: $3,000.
  • Moose Locking Tag:
    • $800 (Non-Resident)
    • $1,000 (Non-Resident Alien)
  • Hunting License:
    • $160 (Non-Resident)
    • $630 (Non-Resident Alien)
  • Other Cost: $150 Hunters Preservation Fund contribution

Wolf may be taken at no additional charge, no tag fee

Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt