About Our trips

We operate a small scale and highly personalized traditional Bristol Bay fish camp. We are not a large scale “factory lodge” that has become the norm throughout much of Alaska.  Generally we host between 2 -8 guests per week.  This enables us to give you the full attention you deserve and lets you experience Alaska the way it was meant to be; all while we teach you about Bristol Bay and its amazing fishery. And you can rest assured that you will have the most experienced guides possible. I have lived and guided in this area for over 40 years.  My son Joey has lived on the river his entire life, 30 years, and has been guiding for at least 15 years.  We are the real deal. We live hear year round and know the area, the land and the resource far better than the other guys who come up here in the summer for 2 months and leave for the rest of the year.  No one can do it better than us!

Bristol Bay is home for us and where your fishing trip will take place, more specifically Naknek River, Naknek Lake, and the many tributaries.  These waters hold some of the best fishing in Alaska!  Every summer, the largest red salmon run in the world comes home to spawn in the watersheds that drain into Bristol Bay.  In addition to red salmon (sockeye salmon), these waters support massive runs of king salmon (chinook salmon), silver salmon (coho salmon), chum salmon (dog salmon) and pink salmon (humpies).  These in in turn support freshwater species of fish, including northern pike, lake trout, char, dolly varden, grayling and some of the largest wild rainbow trout in the world. The salmon support some of the healthiest populations of Brown Bear in the world, which makes for fantastic bear viewing, especially in world famous Brooks Camp and Katmai Park, which is just a short journey from our camp.  We generally start our fishing season in mid to late June when the red salmon and king salmon begin to run, but we can start as early as the first week of June, fishing for trophy class rainbow trout.

In addition to excellent fishing opportunity and phenomenal wildlife viewing there is an educational dimension to all of our trips, which the other guys just can’t match. We have an intimate knowledge of the area, the fish and game species, the fishery, and all other aspects that make our home so unique. During the course of your trip, you will learn about the Bristol Bay area and its history in a way that you never expected and will go home with a lasting impression.