Airline reservations to King Salmon can be made by contacting the following airlines:
Peninsula Airways: (800) 448-4226 (Alaska Airlines Commuter)
Alaska Airlines: (800) 426-0333

Most flight from the "lower 48" will require one day travel time to get to Anchorage.  Here, you should plan on spending the night and traveling to King Salmon on a flight the following morning. Our trips start with you arriving into King Salmon on Monday morning, where we will meet you at the airport.  After purchasing licenses and king salmon stamps, we will drive by vehicle 15 minutes to the river and from there take boats to our fishing camp, which is a short 3 minute ride.  This is where the real experience starts.  Trips go through Friday, with your departure from King Salmon that evening.  This is 5 days and 4 nights.  Your return trip may require a stay Anchorage.

See the following for a list of hotels, restaurants, sporting goods stores and gift shops in Anchorage.  You or your travel agent can arrange your itinerary accordingly.

Captain Cook (5 Star)                             Downtown Anchorage                                 (907) 276-6000
Lake Front of Anchorage (4 Star)         Near Airport                                                  (907) 243-2300
The Coast International Inn                  Near Airport                                                  (907) 243-2233
Courtyard by Marriott                            Near Airport                                                  (907) 245-0322

Most hotels have airport courtesy van service.  All hotels have an in-house restaurant.

Fine Restaurants
The Crow's Nest at the Captain Cook Hotel (907) 276-6000 (reservations recommended)
Club Paris - Great Steaks & Seafood (907) 277-6332 (reservations required)
Simon & Seafort Saloon & Grill - Beef & Seafood (907) 274-3502

Gifts, Furs and Gold Jewelry
Alaska Fur Exchange (907) 563-3877
4417 Old Seward Highway
Anchorage, AK 99503